10 year Kidney transplant charity ride!

Because 30 november is my 10 year kidneyversary! I am planning to do a charity ride

What is the plan:

10 years means doing something for 10 hours, right? So I will be riding for 10 hours!, Due to the dutch weather, it will be indoors.

Crazy you might think.. I agree, but I love that I am able to do it!

Charity you say … Yes, if you do something crazy better make it do something good.

Why this action:

  1. To show everyone that after a transplant you can do fun things: Move again! and that doesn’t have to be 10 hours on a bike, because that is not everyones cup of tea. But if you are transplanted, living in the Netherlands you can ask the Transfit foundation for help to start up again. And I want this action to focus on that.
  2. In addition, I will raise money for the Transfit Triathlon team.

Why Triatlon?

Triathlon is a new sport within Transfit, and as from 2023 it’s on the agenda during the World Transplant Games in Perth. To give this team the best start they can, I want to donate the money I get to the team. 

How will  the charity ride go 

Will I say after 10 hours, “Done and dusted”?

Of course not! You can ride with me!

I will be riding on a real bike, on an indoor trainer. Which I will link to the (virtual) cycling world of Zwift. I will create various events where people who have Zwift can cycle with me

Don’t have a bike or zwift, No worries! I will be live on a stream on youtube where we can chat and hang out.


This event will take place on the 4th  of December. I will  start at 10 o’clock in the morning (gmt+2)  (see the schedule below).

This schedule will probably change a bit during the day depending on how it goes.

10:0012:00GMT +2.2
Break12:0012:15GMT +2.
Break13:1513:30GMT +2.3
Break14:3014:45GMT +2.4
Break15:4516:00GMT +2.5
Break17:0017:15GMT +2.6
Break18:1518:30GMT +2.7
Break19:3019:45GMT +2.8
Break20:4521:00GMT +2.9
Break22:00GMT +2.10

Donate here!